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Happy Couple
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M Parsons - Buyer / Lotus

Few events in life are as stressful and overwhelming as finding a new home, especially when moving 1000 miles away to a new area with no friends or family to help. Finding a trustworthy and helpful real estate agent from a distance is daunting. Fortunately, fate led us to Ms. Ali Louie. We met Ali at an open house showing during our first house hunting visit to the Placerville area. Her warmth, grace, professionalism, and genuine interest in our personal situation prevented us from even considering working with any other agent. The home she was showing wasn’t the right fit for us, and this is one of the things that makes Ali so great; she listens and asks questions to understand her clients as people, with all their needs, anxieties, strengths, interests and quirks (of which we have many!!), in order to find just the right houses that have the possibility of becoming the next home. We were searching for a home from 1000 miles away. Ali was amazingly attentive and responsive via phone, email or text, at all hours. She was willing to check out houses for us, send us pictures, and give us her ‘gut’ feeling about different properties, knowing our taste and style. Eventually she perfectly matched us to our current home, and Ali worked relentlessly, but always with warmth and a sense of humor, to ensure all the inspections and contingencies were resolved so that we could move into our new home on time. When we arrived at our new home after our 1000-mile journey, Ali was there to greet us with hugs and smiles and pizza and drinks. She has continued to check in with us even 6 months after we moved in, not just about the house, but to see how we were holding up as a family coming through a stressful move. If you have the opportunity to work with Ali on your next home purchase or sale, consider yourself lucky! She is not only the best real estate agent with whom we’ve ever worked, but she is a truly genuine and wonderful person who cares about her clients as if they were her own family.

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